Privacy, comfort & tranquility by the sea

Sohoro Residences

Nestled in the heart of the Cyclades, Sohoro's holiday accommodations in Ano Koufonisi are not just places to stay; they are exquisite retreats, secret havens waiting to be discovered. Imagine waking up to the gentle lull of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by the charm of traditional Cycladic architecture and the promise of adventure.

Unveiling a seamless blend of tranquillity and accessibility, our residences, including villas, houses, and apartments, claim an enviable seafront position. A mere stroll away from the bustling port (200m), the captivating Chora (300m), and the island's prized beaches (50-300m), Sohoro is your gateway to serenity and vibrant island life.

An Oasis of Serenity Amidst Island Excitement

Embrace the perfect balance - close enough to cafes, bars, and taverns, yet secluded enough to savour privacy and serenity. It is ideal for families, groups of friends, couples, and solo travellers seeking relaxation. Start each day on your private terrace, absorbing the revitalizing Aegean atmosphere and panoramic views.

Sohoro's Timeless Charm

Offering unobstructed views of the boundless azure and a horizon stretching to Kato Koufonisi, Schinoussa, Ios, Amorgos, and the mountains of Naxos, our 15 traditional residences, ranging from 25 to 85 sq.m. accommodate 2-6 people, seamlessly merging with the island's landscape. Immerse yourself in the iconic white and blue Cycladic hues, reflecting Sohoro's commitment to upholding the architectural tradition of this unique Aegean gem. Ano Koufonisi, with its heavenly beaches and sensational seafood, is genuinely your hidden paradise.

A Legacy of Passion for Koufonisia

Sohoro Residences embodies our family's passion for Koufonisia. Crafted with love, these accommodations are an invitation to immerse yourself in the islands' beauty. Perfect for families, groups of friends, or couples, our air-conditioned residences offer free Wi-Fi, 1-2 bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, LCD TVs, and sunlit verandas featuring built-in sofas and panoramic views of the sea and the renowned sunset for which they are celebrated.