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A magnificent island waiting to be explored.

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Around the Island

Exploring Ano Koufonisi doesn't require any mode of transportation; no cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. It's an island best experienced on foot, allowing you to immerse yourself in its beauty, discover its numerous beaches, and unveil its hidden secrets. Make sure not to overlook the chance to sail around the island, exploring its caves and indulging in the breathtaking waters of the Mediterranean.

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Nearby islands cruise

Situated in the Eastern Cyclades complex, Pano-Ano Koufonisi provides excellent opportunities for seamless island hopping. Beyond its close companion, Kato Koufonisi, you can rent a boat and easily explore neighbouring islands. Within just half an hour, you can reach Amorgos and Schoinousa, while a one-hour journey will take you to Donousa and Iraklia.

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A delightful picnic on Lower-Kato Koufonisi

Experiencing a serene day on Lower Koufonisi is like stepping into a dream. In winter, when the island is uninhabited, it transforms into a tranquil haven. There's a single taverna that comes to life during the summer, offering a taste of local flavours. The beaches, adorned with natural beauty, invite you to embark on a journey of relaxation and solitude. Take a boat to reach one of the pristine shores, bringing along a well-packed basket with delicious treats. As the sun sets, savour the magical surroundings, immersing yourself in the soothing sounds of the sea.

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Trekking & Diving

For those who find sitting still during vacation a challenge, consider embarking on a late afternoon hike towards the church of Prophitis Ilias. The trail unveils stunning vistas, especially enchanting as the sun sets. For even more active travellers, the island's diving centre is ready to lead you into the mysteries of the depths, offering unparalleled experiences in the Aegean's pristine waters.